29 Oct 2021 Tips to Payoff Fast Cash Loan To Money Lenders Efficiently

Tips to Payoff Fast Cash Loan To Money Lenders Efficiently

Fast cash loan Singapore from a licensed money lender Singapore is an increasing trend for the right reasons.

Many a time, we encounter situations in which we need immediate cash to address an urgent need. At such a time, we only have two apparent options: to sell a belonging and liquidate an asset or to borrow from somebody.

The borrowing can be from family or friends, but many people find it embarrassing, and hence they avoid it. Liquidating an asset can also be a hard decision as you develop affection towards your things, and honestly, buying something again is much harder than selling it.

In such a situation, the only option left is to borrow money from a loan provider through a formal mechanism. The epitome of such money lenders are banks and several other financial institutions.

But the problem with them is that they have a long processing time, and their applications are complicated, requiring you to have a sound credit score and provide other supporting documents.

The situation revolutionized with money lender Singapore introduced fast cash loan Singapore options. Now you can borrow money instantly for your urgent needs in as less as 20 minutes, without going through the complications of credit scores and other documents.

But there is a downside to it as well. As fast cash loan Singapore is quick in disbursement, they also come with a high interest rate, and even the smallest amount becomes challenging to pay off.

This blog will discuss multiple tips that will help you streamline your loan paybacks and enable you to repay your debt as quickly as possible.


The tips we are including are the most realistic ones and require organic efforts to generate results. Follow the step by step, and you will be able to pay back your fast cash loan Singapore to your money lender Singapore before things get out of hand.

  1. Know Your Numbers:

The first thing that you need to know is to know your numbers. By numbers, we mean the amount of money you owe, the interest rate on it, and the period you have to pay it back.

Our recommendation is to prepare a spreadsheet for these figures so that you can keep track of them. Include all the loans that you owe in the spreadsheet.

Secondly, take your time to decide a time limit to pay it back. For this decision, compare your loans to your monthly revenue, your expenditures, and other expenses. Only spend on your absolute necessities and divide the spare money into your loan installments.

  1. Choose a Plan:

The next step you need to take is to pick a payback plan. A money lender Singapore offers two significant types of payback plans and one has a fixed monthly payment, and the other has a gradually increasing monthly payment.

Picking one of these plans is essential because it will become another important expense for you, and it will be easier for you to take out the money for it rather than having to save whatever you can to pay back.

It will also help you be more in control and know when you will be able to pay back.

You can choose the first plan if you have a consistent flow of income and are not expecting any surprise expenses. Whereas, pick the second plan if you think you will be able to generate more income every month or will be able to reduce your expenses.

  1. Schedule Installments:

Once you have streamlined your budget and picked a plan, the next step is to schedule automatic payments for it. Most people fail to pay back their fast cash loan Singapore effectively because they get laid back and do not want to send their money to money lender Singapore.

A scheduled payment will take this burden off you as your payment will automatically be sent to your money lender Singapore. Moreover, the payment will be sent the same day you get money in your account, so there will be no chance for you to get off of your budget because you will not have any extra money on you.

This method will also save your time and efforts of sending fast cash loan Singapore installments every month or having to go and pay in person.

  1. Supplement your Paybacks:

After you have made a budget and dedicated an amount for paybacks, you will be able to get done with your debt by a decided time. But this tip will help you get that time short and pay off your debt even faster.

For this, you need to supplement your repays with extra money. But how will you do that when you do not have any spare money. The answer is that you can do it by adding your bonuses, lottery money, or even birthday money to your paybacks.

You usually get this reward to spend on yourself but instead of spending it on yourself, spend it on your future self if you owe money to a money lender Singapore. The quicker you pay the debt, the more you will save on interest, and the faster you will be free of your mental burden.

  1. Refinancing:

If you are too late to this blog and are reading it when you already have missed the train and your fast cash loan Singapore debt is out of your hands, you are still in time. This tip is especially for those who are late on their payments and have heft interest to pay.

In such a situation, you should consider refinancing, i.e., take another fast cash loan to pay your previous loan. The benefit is that you must have paid some amount off already, so the new loan will be smaller than your original amount and will require less time for payback.

You can follow our first four tips for the new loan to effectively pay it back and avoid ending up in such a situation again.


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