SME Working Capital Loan

We Provide Predictable And Convenient Loan Services. Apply for an SME working capital loan in Singapore and flourish your business.

Features of SME Working Capital Loan

No doubt SME working capital loan is the best loan option to finance your business. The characteristics are as follows.

Easy To Apply Procedure

 The procedure for applying for this loan is not lengthy and tough; rather, it is simple and easy.

  • The Flexible And Fast Financing Solution

SME working capital loan is a fast and convenient way to cash flow; you can get up to $300k financing. The repayment duration is also flexible, i.e., between 12 to 60 months that suits your business needs.

  • Unsecured Access

We do not require security to approve your SME working capital loan.

  • Government Risk-Sharing

Government risk-sharing is you to 50%, whereas 70% risk-sharing for young companies.

Tenure of SME Working Capital Loan

The minimum tenure is up to 1 year
Maximum tenure is up to 5 years
The duration of tenure for every loan is dependent on enterprise eligibility.

Note: The period of repayments and the amount for a loan given are negotiable according to your ease.

Documents Requirement

  • Photocopies of Sole Proprietors, partners ID cards
  • Company’s Tax statements for last 4 Quarters
  • Statement of last six months of company’s current bank account
  • Business Banking Facility Form for SME WCL and TBL
  • Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS) Application Form
  • Copy of Income Tax Notice of Assessment of Sole Proprietors or partners
  • Constitutional Documents of the company
  • Professional Certificate (if applicable)
  • Any other additional documents related to the establishment of identity and address proof documents.

How We Can Help

Small businesses face a lot of challenges in terms of money. We understand your everyday business needs, and we are here to address all your financial problems. Here are some of the reasons why you should put your trust in us

  • Risk-Free Process

If we are unable to provide funding to your enterprise for some reason, no charges are applied.

  • Hassle-Free Financing

All you have to do is apply and leave the rest up to our team of SME working capital loan specialists. Our process is hassle-free, so you stay focused on your business.

Why Choose Us

  • Faster Turnaround Time

The processing time is less than a week. Apply now and get faster funds.

  • Approval Guaranteed

We trust the small businesses out there and provide loans to everyone in need of it.

  • Sincere Customer Service

We help you identify suitable facilities for your company’s growth and provide prompt follow-up services.

  • Trusted Advisor

Our team of experts gives the best advice for your company and serves you with efficiency.


Eligibility Criteria

Apply now if you fall in the eligibility criteria.

Terms and conditions apply.

  • Sole proprietors, partnerships, or private companies registered and working in Singapore
  • At least 30% of shareholdings held by Singaporeans or permanent residents of Singapore
  • Business experience of at least three years
  • Minimum S$750,000 turnover
  • SME group annual sale of not more than s$100 or employment size of not less than 200


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