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When Do You Need Personal Loans?

Personal borrowing is the best way to make a big purchase because you pay your loan in small fragments. Such loans usually have low interest rates than your usual credit card purchase. Moreover, taking personal loans build a positive credit card history for you, i.e., making it easier for you to get loans in the future. Whether a loan has a positive impact on your credit or it largely depends on how wisely you manage it with time.

Please apply for your short term personal loan now from us and enjoy your loan at the lowest interest rates.

Features Of Personal Loan

A personal loan in Singapore brings the following benefits for you.

  • Instant Cash

You get the cash as soon as you apply for it. The cash will be transferred within 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Control Over Finances With Fixed Monthly Repayments

Fixed interest rate from as low as 3.68%p.a. and 1% processing fee (E.I.R. 7.21%p.a.2)

Repayment rates per day are as low as S$ 0.64*

  • Cash Up To 10times Your Salary

Easy access to cash, i.e., you can get S$1,200 cashback upon approval.

  • Cash For Five Years

The payment tenure is fixable, ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Terms and conditions apply. Want to know more about personal borrowing in detail? Contact our team online and get an instant reply.

How To Apply for a Monthly Loan In Singapore?

Follow the steps given below to apply for an instant personal loan

Step 1

Log in from your iBanking / A.T.M. card / Debit card

Note: If you are an existing customer at our services, then no documents are required.

Step 2

After logging in, click on apply now, after which a form will appear asking about your details. Fill in the form and select your desired amount for your loan along with tenure.

Step 3

Once you have completed the form, submit it and wait for the response. Every lender will first check your credit card reports, and they will consider the total score of these reports before approval for your loan.

Note: If any of your documents are missing or the information provided is incomplete, the personal loan procedure may be delayed. And only if you fall in the eligibility criteria, only then you get instant cash.

Key Financial Terms – What is Effective Interest Rate (E.I.R.)

Understanding financial terms like E.I.R is very important when it comes to Personal Loan.

Effective Interest Rate (E.I.R.): Effective interest rate is the true cost of your short term personal loan or any other debt. Also, it is always higher than the applied interest rate. It is calculated based on a five-year loan.

Please note that the total amount of effective rate interest depends upon your amount of loan, credit card history, and loan tenure.

The Effective interest rate mentioned here is the lowest possible; it may differ depending upon what is offered to you or what loan you are taking. The amount of EIR will be mentioned in your application. . The lowest EIR is 7.21%p.a. whereas the maximum EIR is 8.53%p.a. based on your tenure.

Key Financial Terms – What is Applied Interest Rate (A.I.R.)

We recommend familiarizing yourself so be able to understand the terms and conditions of the personal loan 

Applied Interest Rate (A.I.R.): This rate specifies the amount of interest to be paid on the loan. Banks use it in Singapore to calculate monthly loan repayment.

How To Calculate A.I.R.?

This interest on the loan is calculated by multiplying the loan amount with specified A.I.R. and the loan tenure.

Personal Loan Services Designed For You

We provide flexible, instant, and timely availability of cash with low interest rates. To apply for a short term personal loan following requirements must be fulfilled, and we are happy to walk you through the documents required, eligibility criteria and answer any questions that you may have.

Please contact us now to get a personal loan service at your convenience.


Eligibility Criteria For A Personal Loan In Singapore

If you lie in the eligibility criteria, apply now.

  • Permanent residence of Singapore
  • In the case of foreigners, an existing cash line or credit card account
  • Age limit applies, i.e., 21 – 75 years
  • Annual income of minimum S$20,000 - S$30,000


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