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Lucky Credit88 understands all your financial needs and makes it easy to achieve your goals by providing you financial assistance. We love to see you prosper; seeing you financially stable is what makes us happy.

We are licensed financial advisors in Singapore; our experts give the best-tailored plans that fit your need and continuously monitor your financial status. All our services are clients focused; we have many satisfied clients who trust us to help them fulfill their financial goals.

No Biased Advice.

We promise to give honest and unbiased ideas and strategies that prove helpful in your financial journey. We also keep in mind your current financial status to help you achieve your goals by giving you an effective plan.

  • Active Management

We monitor all your investments and current movements in the market and update you about all your investments. We do all this to help you meet your financial aspirations and flourish your portfolio.

  • Financial Plan Reviews

Our consultancy experts make sure to review your financial plans so that every component of your plan is tailored in helping you move forward towards your dream.

What We Do

With years of experience, our financial advisors ensure to give you the best financial advice. We are a one-stop solution to all your financial needs and financial consultancy. We are famous for our friendly approach towards every idea of your financial affairs. We believe that every client has different objectives and thinks differently; that’s why we listen to you first and then give ideas accordingly. We ensure to provide quality ideas that satisfy you; after all, your satisfaction comes first.

We deliver you regular updates about how you are reaching your goals and give you expert advice if any adjustments or changes are required.

Why Choose Us?

We offer in-depth analysis of the financial status of our clients so we can have a better idea and guide them in the best ways. Plan your future and goals and share with us; we will design a tailored plan to fulfill your goals. Stop stressing, we have got you covered, and we will be right beside you throughout your journey to guide you on what is best for you. It is time to welcome a brighter and financially stable future.

Contact us now to get the best advice; our team will reply to you instantly to answer all your questions or queries.


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