20 May 2021 Do You Need An SME Loan Broker For Your Business In Singapore?

Do You Need An SME Loan Broker For Your Business In Singapore?

Being a Singapore business owner, you may be considering business expansion plans, which result in new inventory purchases, machinery up-gradation, or simply improving your liquidity. As a result, your company needs more capital to thrive or grow at this stage. It may your first time applying for an SME business loan or anSME working capital loan in Singapore. This means you cannot realize that how time-consuming and difficult the process can be. So it is better to seek the assistance of an expert SME loan broker in Singapore for a smooth process and maximizing chances of funds approval.

You may be thinking if there is an advantage to hiring an SME loan broker in Singapore to obtain funds that help your business to grow. Here is the complete information about SME loan brokers:

How SME Loan Broker Helps You?

Hiring an SME loan broker in Singapore is similar to hiring a consultant who can help you determine your company’s financial needs, suggest different loan products, and give you expert advice to increase your credit rating.

Due to the close relationship with banks and lending institutions and knowledge about their products, a loan broker can give you the best advice in choosing a loan product and lender. The strong bond with banks and private lenders keeps loan consultants up to date on SME working capital loans in Singapore options, and loan packages to promote lending business. The pool of knowledge about various lending options enables SME loan broker Singapore to match and select the cheapest loan product for your business needs.

When Is It Worth Hiring A Loan Consultant?

Having an SME loan consultant is entirely business owners’ decision. Here are some common situations when it is recommended that getting the services of loan experts is worthwhile.

Lack Of Time

Engaging a loan broker is a good idea if you think spending more time on a business’s core activities to run it smoothly is more beneficial than going on hectic paperwork for loan approval.

Poor Credit History

Possibly you may be new in the business world. At this point, you might not have established relationships with lenders who can provide additional SME working capital loans in Singapore. Secondly, in the past, maybe you have faced cash flow issues that are spoiling your credit score, an SME loan broker, Singapore advises you on the best course of action to get hurdle free business loan.

If The Bank Has Rejected Your Application

There may be several reasons that banks and lending institutions can refuse your loan application. The loan brokers at this difficult time appear as an angel for your business to survive. The knowledge about various products and relationships with lenders enables him to explore alternative financing options for your business that can be easily accepted. They are beneficial to get a loan without any difficulty and save your money by selecting the cheapest option, which may not be in your knowledge.

Advantages Of Getting A Loan Broker:

It is always a blessing that you are on the way to success, and your business is flourishing continuously. But to keep the business operating effectively and growing, you have to go with expansion plans in the future. The expansion needs capital, and most of the time, you are not sure where to get the best SME working capital loan in Singapore or how to start hurdle free process for getting funds. So brokers step in, and here are a few of the benefits of hiring a professional and experienced loan broker:

Guided Application

Getting a loan is not an easy job. It requires a lot of paperwork, and it is not possible to win a deal if you are not familiar even with the initial process. The loan broker ensures the completeness of required documents which shows the exact picture of your business, financial position, and prospect to match funds that are compatible with your business needs.

Invest Your Time In Productive Activities

To get your desired loan, you need to go to the bank and get information. The selection of the lender and his product will need a lot of time. Handing over this task to a professional broker not only saves you from all these difficult, unproductive activities but also gives you peace of mind. You will be able to focus on your productive tasks more.

Pole Of Contacts And Relationships With Different Bankers

The SME loan brokers in Singapore are working years by years with banks and approved financial institutions. They have built a strong relationship with banks. They prepare a list of lenders along with the features of their products. They are experts to best match your need with the various products and analysis cost. As you will pay them for service, they offer the best possible and cheapest loan compatible with your need.

Faster & Hassle-Free Processing

Your broker handles all documentation and signs underwriting as being your agent. This will give you enough time to focus on the important aspects of your company, such as effective marketing and development of sale strategy.

The professional loan brokers can handle your application in minimum time and get approval in less than two business days on average. Your business profile, the financial condition is concerned, and the fund will be in your accounts within one to two weeks.

Get A Loan Even If It Is Rejected Before

Furthermore, if your loan application is refused, a broker can figure out why you were denied and how you can boost your credit score in the coming few months. Your broker’s relationship with you should be built on long-term confidence and understanding. He checks all the details, extracts the points that make your case weak and suggests improvement to those points. Broker may also suggest the alternative product from other landing banks or institutions with less restriction and easy process.


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