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    Get instant loan approvals with a licensed money lender

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    Simple & Secure Payment Process

    Get instant loan approvals with a licensed money lender

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    Tailored repayments to your ease

    Singapore loan company offering The lowest interest rates

    Legal Loan Company in Singapore – fulfilling your financial needs!

    Are you looking to borrow a loan to grow your small business or to meet your personal needs? If you need quick cash, you are at the right place. It’s time to turn your big dreams into reality. We are bringing you the best solutions to take care of your financial needs and making the loan application process much faster and easier so you won’t have to think next time before applying for a loan. The process of loan has never been more accessible. Apply now to get faster loans.

    • Get your cash now without any delay
    • No hidden or extra charges or fees are applied
    • Custom payment schedule service
    • All your personal information is safe with us
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    99.9% Success Rate Guarantee

    Flexible with Your Repayments

    What We’re Offering

    All Loans Services

    Investment Planning

    Investment Planning

    Investment Planning Solutions For You! Whatever are the financial goals, Lucky Credit88 will help you meet them. We choose the most tax-effective and best-performing solutions…

    Financial Consultancy

    Financial Consultancy

    Get Expert Financial Consultancy Lucky Credit88 understands all your financial needs and makes it easy to achieve your goals by providing you financial assistance. We…

    SME Loans

    SME Loans

    SME Lending Made Easy for Small Businesses. Are you running a small business and constantly struggling to make your way in the market? What are…

    Education Loans

    Education Loans

    Take Your Education Further With Education Loans Are you worried about how to bear your education expenses? Worry no more; apply for an education loan.…

    Personal Loans

    Personal Loans

    Fulfill Our Dreams With An instant Personal Loan. Are you looking to apply for a personal loan to meet your needs? When Do You Need…

    Business Loan

    Business Loan

    What is a Business Loan in Singapore? Well, you are at the right place; we offer the best corporate loan services in Singapore. We understand…

    Our features

    We provide responsible credit and loan options to you with the lowest interest rates.

    Instant cash

    Our cash approval system is fast; get your cash now without any delay.

    No hidden fee

    No hidden or extra charges or fees are applied; our process is transparent.

    Hassle-free service

    Our team is active online 24/7 to respond to your queries as soon as possible. All our application forms are available online to save your time and give you a hassle-free experience.

    Long-term loans

    We provide extensive loan services to our customers.

    Tailored repayments to your ease

    Are you stressed about how you will meet the deadline for repayments? Well, don’t stress; we provide custom payment schedule service. So you can tell us how and when it will be suitable for you to repay.

    Financial consultancy

    Our experienced staff is always here to guide you; we know how confusing it can decide which loan will be the best to meet your financial demands. They will also guide you on how to get rid of those debts.

    Safety and security are guaranteed.

    Your data and all your personal information is safe with us

    Steps to Get a Loan

    Borrowing money from licensed money lender Singapore is a three easy steps process.

    Apply for loan

    Starting from filling the application online and attaching all the required documents, your application will then proceed to the next step.


    Tell us your money needs

    Get in contact with our team to discuss your financial needs in more detail and the repayment tenure that works for you.


    Get your cash

    Once everything is decided according to your needs, you will receive instant cash without any delays.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Money loaning can be a stressful process in Singapore, as most lenders consider your credit history before trusting you with the money. We believe in giving loans based on current income rather than checking for your credit history. So as long as you have proof of your income, our staff will provide the best loans for you.

    How is Lucky Credit88 Fit for You

    Don’t have money to run your business or start your own business? It’s okay. Money lending is made easier than ever. Don’t let financial problems stand in the way of your success; dream big and start working on it today.

    Are you looking for a money lender in Singapore? But with so much competition around, don’t know who to trust? It is advisable to look for a licensed money lender in Singapore to provide you with a secure loan and verify before getting in business with them.

    We are among licensed money lenders in Singapore. Various loan services are available, or you always choose to tailor the loan concerning your needs. We promise to provide transparent and quality service. Apart from giving you loans at low rates, we also help you improve your current credit score. Our approach is lending smarter loans with faster money.

    Improve your debts and say yes to a life full of success with just a little money. We offer you instant funds with low demands. Click here to ask any questions and get in contact with the best money lenders in Singapore to plan out your loan according to your needs.

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    Our Benfits

    Why Choose Us?

    You can put your trust in us to meet your financial needs, and you will be amazed to see the quick and efficient response.

    Get instant response

    Our efficient and responsive team will get back to you within minutes to let you know about the approval of your application and discuss loan repayments and tenure.

    Easy application process

    The application process is easy to understand; you can apply for a loan anywhere you are and get them approved on the same day.

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